The Cereal Murders, A Goldy Bear #3

The cover says the series' name is 'A Culinary Mystery', but there is another series with the same title. So, I'll stick with ‘Goldy Bear’. Which is the name of the main star. 


Written by Diane Mott Davidson 

First published in 1994

My edition published by Bantam Books

338 pages long

Chocolate Chip Cookies
                                                        By Jonathunder - Own work, GFDL 1.2, Link


The Colorado town of Aspen Meadow is in a frenzy trying to pick out the best college for their children. Goldy Bear, of Goldilocks Catering, is working at the Elk Park Preparatory School Dinner, when she finds the body of the school valedictorian. The other kids at the school are also been being threatened, can Goldy find the killer before anyone else ends up dead?

My thoughts

I have read better books. 

This is a first person/cozy/romance/culinary/mystery series. Let's take each of these things in turn

Cozy-the location, a little mountain town in the Rockies is cozy. But overall, with no likeable, and few tolerable, characters it's not a good example for the title. Goldy is the nicest person in town, because she is just rude and not abusive. Well...she's rude with everyone but the one person who might need it. When a close friend calls about a date her response probably should have been "He has been living with another woman for years and has made it clear that he never loved you. And you went out with him?!" not "I support every decision you make."

Romance-not as...detailed as a "real" romance book, but it does get in the way of the story and basic forensic science, (not a romance fan). We could have run the credit card for fingerprints, or we could kiss. That works too. It also seems completely out of no-where.

Culinary-there are recipes scattered throughout the book. I didn't try any of them but I assume they are fine. Goldy does a lot of cooking in this book and it must all be good, because she is always busy.

Mystery- the clues to solve it are given, but you must build mountains out of molehills to do it. Take one sentence out of a dozen and write a book from it, and you might be able to solve the 'who-done-it' part. One or two clues are never followed up on, with no reasons given.  The wrap-up was good though, it made sense and was action packed with a sweet ending. 

Much of the book seems to be filler, the few really good moments couldn't save it. As someone who doesn't think that everyone should go to college, the absolute "we have to get our kid in here or else their entire life is ruined" attitude of everybody is frustrating and sad.

Cozy mysteries are not meant to be realistic; they are usually escape fantasy. But this is not a fantasy world I want to visit.